About The Difference™

One Person Can Make A World Of Difference. 6,000 People Can Make A Different World.

  • One ordinary, everyday woman with an incredible vision for humanity... daring the seemingly impossible.
  • 6,000 difference makers across the world sharing the vision and touching the lives of 6 Billion.
  • An extraordinary film destined to open humanity’s heart.
  • A global community uniting to co-create a different world.
That's The Difference™

Hear project founder, Jacqueline Bignell, speak about The Difference™ Vision

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Never Been Done Before In The History Of The World

In a never been done before in the history of the world film-making adventure, 6,000 difference makers from around the world are gathering together to collaborate on making an extraordinary film – The Difference™, the most influential film of our time, destined to shift humanity’s consciousness, open people’s minds and hearts and make a significant, positive difference in our world.

Uniting Humanity

The Difference™ is the collective voice of humanity now rippling across the world and inspiring a global awakening that is uniting humanity in co-creating a different world for ourselves and for our posterity. A different world where:

  • your similarities are treasured and your differences valued;
  • your experience of everyday life is one where you live with your heart wide open;
  • you connect compassionately and open heartedly with others and they with you;
  • you fully express the unique difference you are here to make;
  • you are constantly touched by the open heartedness and generosity of those around you and them by you.

Can You Imagine… Opening Humanity’s Heart

Can you imagine a different world where:

  • being part of something bigger than yourself calls you to expand yourself and your circle of influence?
  • sharing your difference making message across the world actually benefits humankind?
  • making a unique contribution that only you can make alters the course of humankind?
  • on leaving this world you know that you were one of 6,000 people who touched the hearts of six Billion people and opened Humanity’s Heart?
You too can make The Difference™

Making The Difference