About Us

The Difference™ Film

The Difference™ Film is a two hour compelling docu-drama that responds to the big questions in life…

  • ‘Why are you here?’
  • ‘What do you think the purpose of your life is?’
  • ‘What does it take to get yourself to a place in your life where you are truly filled with love and joy that you so desire?’

The Difference™ is the unique and collective voice of humanity interwoven with a distinctive and heartfelt story that captures the essence of what it means to be a human being. The Difference™ will evoke conversations that you will truly remember today, for future dinner parties and get togethers to come. Your imagination will be stimulated, causing you to ponder what the difference is in your life and what difference you can/do make in the lives of others.

This extraordinary film will touch your heart and soul, whilst generating an expansion growth within your mind as to the endless possibilities for your life.

The Difference™, due for release in 2015, will be filmed in Australia, internationally and in conjunction with a global team of 6,000 Collaborators.


The Difference™ TV Show

The Difference™ TV Show is an awe-inspiring internet TV show that will be broadcast across the world to millions of people. Viewers will be directed to the TV show via The Difference™ film and website.

It’s a phenomenal opportunity for you, as a Collaborator on The Difference™ film, to expand your circle of influence whilst having your difference making message broadcast around the globe. Imagine being enlightened, uplifted and inspired by 6,000 difference makers candidly sharing their thoughts, beliefs and ideas about life, what has made the difference in their life and what will make the difference in yours!

It’s open, authentic and straight from the heart. It is simply inspirational television at its best!



The Difference™ Community

The Difference™ Community is like no other community in the world… It is an inspirational gathering of like minded, open hearted friends who share a common vision to open humanity’s heart.

By supporting, encouraging and exploring the greatness within each of us, The Difference™ Community is co-creating a far more compassionate and compelling future. Together, as this united and collaborative front, the community inspires, empowers and engages all of its members to be the best that they can be – personally, professionally and spiritually.

As a part of The Difference™ Community you are invited to participate in global events, evenings, difference making projects and philanthropic ventures.


The Difference™ Foundation

The Difference™ Foundation has been created upon a strong foundation of ‘Contribution and Generosity’. The essence of this is clearly defined through the following three questions:–

  • How can we contribute?
  • How can we be generous?
  • How can we give people more than they expect?

As a collective group, we value making positive and generous contributions towards others. In line with this philosophy, the first ten percent of the net profit of The Difference™ project will be donated to The Difference™ Foundation, our independent, charitable arm.

The sole (soul) purpose of The Difference™ Foundation is to fund ‘Difference Making Projects’ across the world. The Difference™ Foundation recognizes the desire that so many people actually have ideas and want to launch these ‘Goodwill’ projects but are prohibited due to lack of funding. The Difference™ Foundation addresses this challenge by welcoming funding applications from people who require funds to launch their difference making projects.

The launch of The Difference™ Foundation will coincide with the release date of The Difference™ Film (end 2011/2012).


The Difference™ Awards

The Difference™ Awards are the International ‘Peace Awards’ with a difference! The Difference™ Awards recognise ‘everyday’ people who are making ‘everyday’ significant and positive contributions to the betterment of humanity. The Awards are as diverse as their contenders, eg: health, human necessities (water/food/housing), clothing, education, inventions, agriculture, sustainability programs, art and culture, freedom of speech, to name but a few.

An International Selection Panel will be guided by stringent selection criteria, that inturn will duly assess applications. The selection criterion includes, but is not limited to – Vision, Determination and Commitment, Determined Conviction, Unfallible Passion, Leadership and Project Management Outcome.

The honoured recipients will be revered for their contribution to humanity and acknowledged accordingly for making a sustainable pledge towards humanity’s positive existence.