About The Founder

Jacqueline's Childhood

Jacqueline Bignell founded Inspired Living Entertainment Pty Ltd, the Australian Production Company for the film The Difference™ in Australia in 2008.

The middle child of three, she was born in the small city of Mount Gambier in South Australia on the 22nd April, 1965. Her mother, Shirley Bignell (nee Hirschausen), was a nurse and her father, Graham Bignell, was a Drycleaner by trade. Jacqueline was born blind in her right eye, which turned out to be the greatest blessing of her life and one of the key determining factors that shaped her into the person she is today.

In her earlier years Jacqueline’s blind eye was cross-eyed and the cause of her to be on the receiving end of many cruel comments. Her blindness caused her to feel quite different from others and unacceptable and led to a sense of isolation as people squirmed to look at her directly in the eyes. Through these experiences Jacqueline developed strength of character, an extraordinary resilience, an understanding of human suffering and a deep compassion for all of humanity.

Her mother’s reinforcement that it did not matter whether or not you were beautiful on the outside, being beautiful on the inside was what was important led her to develop beauty on the inside by acquiring an acceptance of all people despite their differences, a forgiving heart and an orientation towards serving the world.

A Deep Desire to Make a Difference

Jacqueline became aware of her desire to make a difference on a global scale at a young age. At age ten she told her father that she wanted to do something that made the world a better place. At sixteen she was instrumental in the establishment of a Community Drop-In Centre for underprivileged youth. In her late teens she became involved with a variety of service groups, including the Spastic Centres of Australia where she raised funds for the Miss Australia Quest. Since her late twenties she has been involved with the largest organization of world's women’s service - Relief Society.

Alongside Jacqueline’s desire to make a difference on a global scale, she developed expertise and capabilities across the majority of business sectors. Her experience and capabilities combined with her entrepreneurial drive, her ability to see unique opportunities and her ability to take risks and show initiative has meant that she has repeatedly succeeded in a variety of business ventures.

A Passion for Personal Transformation

One of Jacqueline’s longstanding passions is people development and personal transformation. She has been involved in the self-improvement industry for over 17 years, including conducting a private practice in Psychotherapy for eight years and founding a Melbourne-based Personal Development Centre. Over time Jacqueline’s interest in the psychological and emotional aspects of being human and her desire to assist people to achieve their deepest potential, broadened into an interest in spirituality. As this newfound interest grew she began integrating spirituality into her business pursuits. Jacqueline values ‘making a difference’ and believes that even the simplest and smallest actions can make a huge difference to others... and that the ripples of the difference we make to one person can impact on all of humanity. She resonates deeply with Margaret Mead’s statement -

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

These values and affirmations are the drivers that have motivated Jacqueline to pool together 6,000 spiritually and socially minded people to refine their wisdom to produce an awe-inspiring, influential film and create a global community committed to making The Difference™.