Making The Difference to All of Humanity

The Difference™ acts as a reminder that we all have the potential to make a difference to all humanity simply by recognising the unique difference we are here to make, whether it be in your family or on a global scale.

It is about responding to that recognition by wholeheartedly living your difference.

One ordinary, everyday Australian woman dared to live her difference and in doing so gave birth to The Difference™. Jacqueline Bignell, the Founder of The Difference™ recalls that as a ten year old girl she sat at her father’s feet in the lounge room of their family home and declared boldly (as only a ten year old can) that one day she would do something that would benefit the whole world.


Receiving The Call To Gather 6000 Open-Hearted Difference Makers

Jacqueline recognised the call to step beyond everything she knew, to do what seemed impossible – gather 6,000 people from around the world to collaboratively make a film that would open the heart of humanity. She dared to take those first courageous steps and in doing so gave birth to The Difference™.

Winding forward many years to the year 2000, the first major puzzle piece of the creation of The Difference™ was put into place. Jacqueline, who was sitting in a Temple contemplating her future and what further difference she could make in the world, heard a small, still voice, which declared to her, “You will be a Film Maker”. Although at the time she knew nothing about Film Making, she knew that what she had just experienced was a sacred spiritual experience where a precious gift had been given to her. From that moment on she knew with absolute certainty that in the future she was to become a Film Maker.

The second piece of the puzzle came into being the following year when Jacqueline attended a Business and Consciousness Conference in Santa Fe, where she was asked a poignant question that has remained with her ever since, “What do you consider to be the greatest universal challenge of the world?” Her immediate response to this question was, ‘A closed heart’.

Jacqueline purports that when your heart is closed you lose connection with yourself, with others and also with God, Source, Higher Consciousness, Universal Energy or whatever term you are most comfortable giving that creative force that cannot be seen directly with our natural eyes. With a closed heart you are less likely to recognise the unique difference you are here to make in the world and you start to ask questions, “Why am I here?” “What is it all about?” and “What is the meaning of my life?” In contrast, when your heart is open you are more likely to recognise the difference you are here to make in this world, more able to respond by living your difference and in doing so you make your greatest contribution to serving humanity.


Six Degrees Of Separation by the Power of Ten-

Expanding Your Circles of Influence

In 2007 the future manifested for Jacqueline. She finished working on a two year consulting project and asked herself the simple question, ‘What would I like to do next?’ The answer was plain and simple, ‘I want to make a film’. And in that moment The Difference™ was born.

Shortly thereafter Jacqueline received a vision where she clearly saw a phrase in her mind’s eye, ‘Six Degrees of Separation by the Power of Ten – Expanding Your Circles of Influence.’ Accompanying this phrase she saw seven expanding circles in a row. Contained within the smallest circle was the number 6,000 and within the largest circle the number 6 billion. The notion came flooding into Jacqueline’s mind – The Difference™ film would touch all of humanity, 6 billion plus people, and that all she needed to do was to gather 6,000 open hearted difference makers.

These people would co-create The Difference™ film with her. It would take six simple steps by the power of ten to open the heart of humanity and each time a step was taken, it would touch everybody on the planet. The simple notion that 6,000 people would speak to ten people and inspire them to watch The Difference™ film and then those 60,000 people would inspire a further ten people and those 600,000 people would do the same and so forth. It only takes six steps by the power of ten to touch all of humanity.


The First Collaborators

Jacqueline knew with certainty what she needed to do and despite initially feeling daunted by the task ahead, unsure where to start and doubting her capacity to complete this task she courageously took the first step. She asked four total strangers to her home to hear about her vision for humanity and The Difference™ film and then invited them to collaborate in The Difference™ film.

They all accepted the invitation and become the first Collaborators of The Difference™. A second group of four people were invited and a third group and it grew from there. Before too long her home became the Centre for The Difference™.


The Difference is Gathering Global Momentum

The Difference™ is gaining momentum as the community continues to grow worldwide as Collaborators and Advocates share in the vision to open humanity’s heart.

The making of The Difference™ film has started as Collaborators join in the global conversation, ‘What is The Difference?’ and freely contribute their knowledge, wisdom and experiences into the Creative Pool from which the basic premises and story lines of The Difference™ film will be drawn. Many interviews for The Difference™ TV Show have already been recorded and there are many more to come.

The Difference™ is already opening humanity’s heart.