The Invitation To Collaborate on The Difference™ Film

  • Are you passionate about making a difference to people?
  • Do you seek to inspire love, joy and compassion in others?
  • Are you an inspiring and empowered personal development professional or passionate about spirituality?

The first and current phase of The Difference™ is the global gathering, which is where we are gathering 6,000 difference makers from around the world and inviting each person to collaborate and become a significant part of the making of The Difference™ film and TV show.

Shining A Light

We are shining a light out into the world to attract people to The Difference™ who wholeheartedly share the vision to open humanity’s heart through the making of this awesome film and TV show. We are attracting people who wish to stand alongside us to build a worldwide community committed to inspiring a global awakening that unites humanity and touches the lives of six billion people through empowering each to serve humanity by living their difference.

We are keen to connect with you

We are keenly interested in connecting with you if you are open hearted and either work in the personal development industry or have a passion for any aspect of self improvement and/or spirituality. If you are someone who knows the importance of contributing generously to others then we would love to hear from you.

If you believe you fit this criteria and reading this lights a spark of passion within you, please contact us for a brief interview and we will invite you to attend a Project Briefing giving you the opportunity to unite with the 6,000 Collaborators in the making of The Difference™.

Hear project founder, Jacqueline Bignell, speak about becoming a Collaborator


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Why Become A Collaborator?

Being a Collaborator of The Difference™ is a unique, expansive and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity enabling you to:

  • Open your heart and touch the lives of billions of people around the world
  • Be intimately connected with a dynamic and inspiring global community of open-hearted difference makers all committed to making the difference to you
  • Contribute your knowledge, wisdom and experiences to the world’s largest creative pool
  • Expand your circle of influence and spread your difference to the global community

Opportunities For Collaborators

As a Collaborator of The Difference™ you are given opportunities to contribute to The Difference™ in a myriad of ways. Small or large, all people and contributions are valued equally. Most of all, we encourage you and all Collaborators of The Difference™ to contribute in a way that makes your heart sing and brings you joy.

As a Collaborator of The Difference™ you will -

  • Be at the heart of The Difference™ community where you will develop global friendships and foster collaborative business and charitable relationships
  • Gain access to a global online community of difference makers dedicated to improving humanity and our planet where you will make fruitful connections
  • Make your personal contribution to The Difference’s™ Creative Pool and have influence over the shaping and making of The Difference™ film
  • Be interviewed for The Difference™ TV Show and have your six minute difference making interview broadcast globally
  • Be given a global platform where you will expand your circle of influence and share your difference to inspire people from all around the world
  • Participate in a dynamic Media Mastery Mentoring Program to refine your difference making message for the world
  • Be encouraged to express your creativity, answer your calling, and allow your talents to shine
  • Pledge your commitment to making the difference to humanity by opening your own heart, living your difference and generously contributing to the lives of others
  • Be licensed to use The Difference™ Collaborator Logo on your marketing materials, gaining you instant recognition as a Collaborator and Global Difference Maker
  • Be given a special profile on The Difference™ website that distinguishes you as one of the Film Makers and someone for the audience to reach out to for inspiration and support
  • Share The Difference™ with like-minded friends, family and colleagues and continue the global conversation with a wider audience

The Next Steps To Becoming A Collaborator

To take the next steps to become a Collaborator of The Difference™ , fill in an Expression of Interest Form and a member of  The Difference™ team will contact you.

Alternatively, you can simply contact us to find out more.