The Difference™ Film

A World-First Collaborative Film Making Adventure

  • Four Years In The Making
  • 6,000 Extraordinary Difference Makers From Around The World
  • A World-First Collaborative Film Making Adventure
  • The Collective Voice Of Humanity
  • A Film To Open Humanity’s Heart

The making of The Difference™ film is a world-first film making adventure. 6,000 difference makers from around the world, each interested in spiritual and personal growth, are being gathered and given the unique opportunity to contribute their knowledge, wisdom and experiences towards the making of the awe-inspiring film, The Difference™.

The Difference™ film is a two hour psycho-spiritual docu-drama that contains the wisdom and experiences of 6,000 inspiring, enlightening and empowered personal development professionals and people interested in serving this planet. They share the vision to open humanity’s heart and unite us all through inspiration, love and compassion, bringing joy and an awakening to our world.

Unlike most films that start with a script, The Difference™ has instead started with the questions, “What is The Difference?” What does it take to get yourself to a place where you life is filled with love and joy?” The 6,000 strong team of Collaborators are invited to enter into the global conversation that considers these questions. Their knowledge, wisdom and experiences are contributed into The Difference’s™ Creative Pool from which the precious gems (principles) and story lines for the film are created.

The Difference™ film, due for release in 2015, is the collective voice of humanity. It taps into humanity’s collective consciousness and will be the most influential film of our time, destined to shift ‘humanity’s’ consciousness, open people’s minds and hearts and make a significant and positive difference to our planet.

Supported by worldwide personal growth organizations and an online social networking community dedicated to improving humanity and our planet, The Difference™ is predicted to be the next global self-improvement phenomenon to take hold of the hearts and minds of people around the world.

Each person collaborating on The Difference™ values the difference they make as an individual in the world and knows that together as a team they can achieve and contribute so much more to humanity.

If you feel a synergy with The Difference™ and would like to become a Collaborator, there is an opportunity right now for you to be involved as one of the 6,000 Collaborators in this awesome, life-changing film adventure. If you have a spark of interest contact us to find out more.