About The Making Of The Difference™ Film

The Global Conversation

Since conception, The Difference™ Film has been as much about the collaborative, co-creative journey as it has been about the destination – an inspiring and influential film to open humanity’s heart. The key to developing the creative flow that brings The Difference™ to fulfillment is the involvement of 6,000 open hearted difference makers and the embracing of everyone’s unique and creative contributions.

Every person who steps into The Difference™ to collaborate in the making of the film becomes an important part of the global conversation, “What is The Difference™?, What does it take to get yourself to a place of love and joy in your life?”


The Difference’s™ Creative Pool

What is refreshingly unique about the making of The Difference™ film is that Collaborators of The Difference™ have the opportunity to participate in a unique, co-creative process where each person’s contribution to The Difference’s™ Creative Pool influences the direction of the film’s story line, ultimately changing the final outcome of the film.

Collaborators may choose to contribute to The Difference’s™ Creative Pool by being involved in a Sieve Shaking Team (an affectionate term given to the process of sifting through information to find the ‘gems’ (principles) that will touch the heart of humanity) or a Script Development Team (finding or creating personal stories that will powerfully demonstrate the ‘gems’ to the audience).



Sieve Shaking and Script Development

The Sieve Shaking Teams are assigned a discussion topic. Through expansive conversation and a genuine open hearted exchange of ideas, thoughts, feelings and experiences, the Sieve Shaking Teams search for and find the gems (principles) which will guide and define The Difference™ film. In essence, the gems are the key insights and messages that will open the heart of humanity and bring The Difference™ screen play and film to life. This is the sifting process. Once the gems have been sifted (found), they are then refined, a process where the pure essence and meaning of the gems is extracted into a succinct and meaningful statement that immediately strikes a chord and acts as a catalyst for self reflection within those who hear the message.

At the grass roots level the creative ideas for the script are generated by the Script Development Teams. This will usually involve the creation of stories and story lines to wrap around the sifted gems, so that through the story the gems are powerfully and subtly demonstrated to the film audience. The stories developed by the Script Development Teams may be imaginative creations or real life experiences. The Script Development teams may also be involved in the creation of plots, sub plots, protagonists and antagonists, conflicts and resolutions and character profile. Examples of simple dialogue, phrases common to the character, back story, and settings or other creative input that provides insight and understanding to the character may be suggested to help more clearly define the actual character. It is the role of the Screen Writer to develop the actual dialogue, settings etc. from what has been contributed to The Difference’s™ Creative Pool by the Script Development Teams.

The uniqueness of the making of The Difference™ film is in the gathering of ideas, knowledge, wisdom and experiences from Collaborators all around the world and in allowing an organic unfolding process of creation to occur over time. The rich conversations, the sifting, allowing of ideas to percolate and trusting that all that is spoken and contributed, albeit seemingly insignificant, is perfectly timed and placed is an important part of the making of The Difference™ film. It is a film that is being deliberately created over time with the recognition that each person has a significant contribution to The Difference’s™ Creative Pool as what one says sparks an idea in another setting in motion a whole chain reaction of discovering, “What is The Difference™?

Content contributed to the Creative Pool by the Sieve Shaking Teams and Script Development Teams goes through an ongoing process of refinement as it passes through layers of Hub (local), National and Global Sieve Shaking and Script Development Teams making its way through to the Screen Writer.


A Unique Opportunity For You To Be Involved

Have you always wanted to be involved in entertainment and believe film to be an excellent medium for affecting significant and positive change in the world?

If so, there are some opportunities available for you to be intimately involved in the making of The Difference™.

If you have a real zest for life, a love of people, a passion for making a difference in the world, a belief that you make the difference and have something inspiring to share with the rest of the world we would like to chat with you about the possibility of you joining The Difference™ team.



Do You Have A Spark Of Interest?

Being involved with The Difference™ will enable you to enlarge your circle of influence and connect and collaborate with peers and like-minded people from around the world.

It’s your opportunity to step up, have your say and pledge your commitment to making the difference to humanity.

If you have a spark of an interest in finding out how you can be involved in The Difference™, we would love to hear from you.

Contact us to express your interest.